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7 Essential Exams Study Tips

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Preparing for exams and pop quizzes can be tasking and straining if you don’t know where to begin, these essential tips will help point you in the right direction on the first steps to take in studying for your exams.


1. Make a schedule
confirm your exam schedule, know what topics come first, write it on your planner, and
stick to your own study schedule.

2. Get organized
select the most important things you need to focus and go through your notes from early semester

3. Get enough sleep
studying all night might sound like a good idea, but getting just the right amount of sleep will go a long way to help you focus and retrain more information.

4. Practice
answer sample questions, rewrite and reread your topics, practice your answers, find a study technique that works for you.

5. Take Breaks
take a walk, watch a movie or two, spend some down time with family and friends, and yes exercise.

6. Eat on time
don’t skip eating healthy meals, don’t overload on junk foods or caffeine.

7. Visualize your success
be optimistic, be positive, picture yourself writing a good essay, solving a complex math problem, and feeling successful

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