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Getting paid betting on sports in general can sometimes mean knowing when to quit and cut your losses.

if you make winnings from betting you should try taking a break and enjoy your earnings on something else. doing the opposite of this can mean you end up losing all you’ve earned and also more than you’d want to or could on a regular day.

Study and know the odds in bets
first you need to know what the term odds mean and how bets work, some site on the internet will have odds on decimal e.g 5.1 and some other show odds in fractions e.g 5/1, also these odds can change even right before the match starts

Always search for value
don’t just bet on your favorite team to win or you might always lose, cause they end up having very low returns.

Instead, it would be best if you searched for value. You need to use your knowledge and intuition to find the bet where the bookie seems to be offering better odds than they should. You might lose, but if you are right, then your returns are going to be higher. Spreading your bets across many matches and choosing those matches where you believe the odds are generous will equate to a net profit in the end. You will suffer some losses. However, you are looking to make money – not to always win. The gambler who needs to always win will always be disappointed – and quite poor!

Most professional gamblers tend to look for odds of 2.00 or better. If you constantly bet on odds of 2.00, then you only need to win 51% of the time to earn yourself a profit. The best sports gamblers know when to risk 3.0 or 4.0. Remember at odds of 4.0; you would only need to win 26% of the time for your winnings to be in the positive. Making a 4.0 bet may be risky and should be done with a knowledge of the game, the players, and the context. It should also be done while applying math, where you are hedging your bets and covering your losses from the start.

Our most important advice: set yourself a bank limit for the weekend of football betting. Allocate a sum of money that you are going to spread across markets. When you have reached this bank limit stop and wait for the results to come in. You should then count the wins and losses, check your profit, before moving on to another set of bets in the future.

Slavishly following the advice of a tipster might seem like an easy route to a profit, but not all tipsters are equal. A lot of online tip sites are marketing affiliates who are looking for you to click on links to make them a profit. They may know very little about sport but write with enough conviction to make you feel like they are making a mint. However, the trade they are plying is online marketing and not online betting. Therefore, you are earning them money with your clicks, and they may not be offering you the best advice on your bet.

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