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‘No One Should Make You Feel Inferior’

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I can still feel the prickle of fear that used to run up the back of my neck as I’d look at the clock early on a Sunday evening,knowing there was no escape from going to work the next morning.It wasn’t the job–I’ve always loved my work, but my boss was another matter.From being the golden girl, I suddenly couldn’t do a single thing right in their eyes.And the more I was loudly doubted,the less able I felt,until it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Looking back, and with the courage that comes with no longer being in that situation, I can say that I should have been feistier and more confident – but it’s not always easy when you’re constantly being picked apart for everything you do – and everything you don’t do. How I wish I’d had access then to information and advice from career coach Jenny Blake.It was vile at the time, and it took mea while to recover my confidence after I finally left (only to hear the bullying tactics had been turned on somebody else in the office as soon as I’d gone). I was lucky; although I took a pay drop when I moved on, it eventually led to a much better job and, years later, my old boss apologized for their behavior.My advice if you find yourself in such an awful situation is remind yourself of what you’re good at, try to keep perspective on it so it doesn’t affect the rest of your life, and be honest with yourself. Do you really need to keep working somewhere you’re not appreciated and probably never will be?I’d love to hear how you’ve coped in similar situations – let me know [email protected]

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